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ToiletAl Garcia’s plumbers are trained to expertly install or replace your toilet. There are many obstacles and precautions to take when installing a new toilet. Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc has you covered with every little detail throughout the process. From installing a new toilet, to doing repairs when something isn’t working correctly, to replacing your old one, we’ve got you covered. Let us be the ones to help you and you will have no worries. Everyone knows how dirty a bathroom can Become when fixing a toilet, but our plumbers like to keep there work area clean during and after the job. Give us call and we will quickly service areas around Torrance, Ca.


Finding the ideal toilet can be a long and difficult procedure, but here at Al Garcia’s Plumbing we are committed to making it easy for you. We have experience in working with many brands. With the extensive knowledge that our plumbers have we can help pick the right toilet to accommodate all of your needs.

Why should you let us install your new toilet?

  • We will keep your budget and needs under consideration.
  • You’ll receive a toilet that works efficiently and smoothly.
  • We have you covered from installation and repair, to replacement.


A broken toilet can cause a great deal of inconvenience for everyone. It not only wastes time and money, it interferes with one of the main functions of a bathroom. If your toilet has any of the following problems, give Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc a call for a quick repair.

  • Not enough water pressure
  • Toilet will not flush
  • Toilet leakages
  • Clogged and backed up toilet
  • Broken handles


Al Garcia’s Plumbers are a very skilled and have replaced many toilets for the inhabitants of Torrance, Ca and its surrounding areas. It is trickier to replace a toilet than it is to install a new toilet or repair an old one, so you will need professional help. Give Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc a call and we will help you decide which new toilet will work best with your current plumbing.