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Sprinkler System

BascHill_sprinklers12_9826The sprinkler system can also be known as an Irrigation Sprinkler System. Living landscapes need water to survive. Plants and grass need a more constant source of water, which is why you should let Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc install a sprinkler system for you. A sprinkler system will prevent you from having to water your grass by hand everyday. We can set up a timer for you so the sprinkler system can automatically turn on at a certain time and water your plants.

Has your lawn being looking dull?  Are you stumped as to why big puddles develop in a certain area around your property? Is your water bill coming out higher than expected? If you are experiencing any of these problems you may have a leak. At Al Garcia’s Plumbing we assure you that we can repair any kind of leak that you may have. Another issue you may experience is your system turning on and off without any water being sprayed. This may be an indication that a valve is blocked or needs repair. Spray heads can also be blocked by grass and dirt. If the issues keep on happening you may need to replace your sprinkler system and our plumbers are trained to do so. Don’t hesitate on giving us a call. Our friendly staff will be more than glad to help.