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Hose Bibs

hosebibThe valve that connects to the garden hose and lets you manage the water flow is called a hose bib. It is similar to a tap, and its purpose is to control the amount of water that goes to the garden through the hose. If you are in the Torrence, CA and are in need of someone to install, repair, or replace your hose bib call on Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc. We will take care of everything for you.


The plumbers at Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. are highly experienced in installing hose bibs. They will know where and how to install it correctly. They will select the correct hose bib for your particular situation and will install it quickly and efficiently.


If your hose bib is causing you and your garden problems, give Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc a call. There are many reasons as to why your hose bib may need to be repaired such as:

  • Hose bib is leaking, rusted, or squeaky
  • The water pressure is unreliable
  • Failure to control water flow
  • Obstruction restricting water flow

We will do everything in our ability to salvage your hose bib, and if it is irreparable we will be able to replace it.


If your hose bib has become and issue and is putting a dent in your wallet due to repairs it may be time for a replacement. Give us a call and our highly experienced plumbers will properly replace your hose bib.