Drain Line Services

If one drain malfunctions it can pose problems for the whole property. Drains are connected to sinks, faucets, refrigerators, laundry machines, and even furnaces. Drains and sewers must always be working together as a team to keep your home or commercial building clean. The plumbers at Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. specialize in drain lines. We have all the latest equipment to ensure that we fix your drain lines and have them working properly by the time we leave.

Camera Inspection

If you are in the Torrence, CA area and have a clogged or broken drain line, give Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. a call. We have the best technology available to see what is wrong with your drains. Our sewer camera is a high quality piece of equipment used during inspection services. Our sewer inspection camera can find a broken or collapsed pipe. It will also show us precisely where the breaks in your pipes occur. If your drains keep getting clogged our camera can check if tree roots growing inside the pipes are to blame. Let us take our sewer camera to your residential or commercial property to inspect your drain pipes.

Hydro Jetting

HydroJetterHydro Jetting is the process of cleaning out pipes with a high pressure hose of up to 5000 psi. Al Garcia Plumbing Inc.’s  hydro jetting machine has a pressure of 3000 to 5000 psi; this means that it can shoot 18 to 20 gallons of water per minute. Our hydro jetter cleans up pipes that have a diameter of 12” and it holds up to 150  gallons of water. It is recommended to clean your drains and grease traps every 6 months with the hydro jetter so you will not suffer from clogged pipes. There are no chemicals used to clean out the pipes – just water. It is a safe, non toxic way to treat buildup that could lead to major problems in the future.

Leak Detection

Foul odors from floors or walls near drains and sewers are the leading symptoms of a leaking drain. Flooding and sewage back up are also signs of this problem. Drains that have become slow can also be evidence of a leak in the drain. If the leaks are ignored for too long they can cause extensive damage to your property and the environment. Call Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. as soon as you suspect a leak in your drain.


RepipingIn the event that your drain pipes become damaged beyond repair, they will have to be replaced. Re piping is one of Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc specialties. Our plumbers are trained to do this job in the safest and easiest way possible. They will dig up and remove the damaged pipes, then simply put new ones of equal size in their place. Pipe replacement is a large-scale repair job that should be done by professionals such as the plumbers at Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. Give us a call and we will be glad to answer all your questions.


If you are having constant pipe trouble you may just need to re route your pipes. At Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc. our plumbers are trained to re route your drain lines in various ways. They will provide you with options to choose from based on your budget and needs. Our plumbers can re direct your entire drainage system or just particular sections. We do everything carefully, and we make sure that nothing is broken or damaged during the process. Our use of high quality materials and expert execution will ensure you long lasting results.


SewerRepairsYour drains may be clogged with matter such as roots or grease, causing your them to make a slow gurgling noise. If they are not clogged they may just have a leak. It is impossible to know the source of the problem without the proper equipment to check it. At Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc we have the correct technology to figure out what is wrong with your drain. Let us help you find the solution to your consistently clogged drains. Call us to set your appointment now.


If your drain line is excessively clogged you might need a Drain Line Replacement. The plumbers at Al Garcia’s Plumbing, Inc are trained professionals that can install a new drain or sewer line as fast as possible, and without complications.