Drain Cleaning

DrainCleaningAt Al Garcia’s Plumbing Inc we use the highest quality drain snakes available. They are the strongest and can extend deep into the drain to reach and unclog the thickest stubborn clogs. Our drain snakes can reach up to 150 feet. If your bathtub, shower drains, kitchen sink drains, or sewers need cleaning then give us a call. One clogged drain can cause your main drain line to clog up as well, and that can lead to major property damage. We have different ways to unclog pipes. For those pipes that have really hard build up and can’t be fixed with a snake we use a high pressure machine called a hydro jetter. Clogged pipes can happen anytime without any warnings. Al Garcia’s Plumbing will help you with those emergency calls and will have everything back to normal in no time. Give us a call, we guarantee* you won’t regret it.